Elidel Prestige USA is a strategic recruitment and offshore outsourcing solutions company that matches businesses with ideal, experienced candidates, resulting in low attrition rates and increased productivity. Our new U.S. branch is a sister company to Elidel Prestige Limited, our legacy staffing and managed services company based in Ghana, Africa.

With over 10 years driving excellence in contract and talent acquisition, and helping customers to decrease operational costs through expert offshore solutions delivered from our global headquarters in Ghana, Elidel Prestige USA is a partner to companies of all sizes looking to outsource their staffing and other solutions to reduce costs and streamline their operations.

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Elidel works across industries, with special focus identifying candidates in the following segments, for onsite or remote work:

  • Corporate

  • Hospitality

  • Construction

  • Information Technology

  • Mining

  • Oil & Gas

  • Manufacturing

  • Medical & Healthcare

Whether customers need strategic candidates in the D Suite and above; offshore sales and marketing teams; outsourced marketing solutions or temporary labor, Elidel’s team of HR and staffing experts bring years of global experience with clients across the enterprise, corporate and small-and-medium segments, driving a consistently successful customer experience, low attrition rates, a robust portfolio of qualified candidates, integrity, and highly competitive staffing fees.

Elidel Prestige USA supports clients in person (by appointment only), at customer locations, or virtually.

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