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About Us.

Elidel Prestige USA is the Florida-based headquarters for our operations in the U.S. With our global headquarters in two locations in Ghana, for the past 10 years Elidel has focused on aligning ideal candidates with some of the most prominent companies in the gas, oil, energy and other major sectors in the African country.

Elidel Prestige was founded by CEO George Ayebah, a renowned Human Resources, immigration and organizational development leader with decades of experience consulting for companies in the public and private sector, with a focus on tech enablement in the staffing industry. Mr. Ayebah leads teams of procurement, recruitment and business development resources in Ghana, the U.S. and other regions, melding international recruitment acumen with proprietary staffing and offshore outsourcing solutions that mitigate risks, reduce attrition and generate hard cost savings for companies looking to augment staff and scale services and operations effectively.

Elidel Prestige’s data-driven recruitment and offshore outsourcing solutions garnered awards, recognition and certifications from the Ghanaian Chamber of Commerce, Petroleum Commission Ghana, and the Public Procurement and Revenue Authorities of Ghana. We celebrate a little over a decade of adherence to ethical service; clean candidate networks and value chains; and integrity and equality in resource identification, selection and alignment. More importantly, we bring our flagship experience providing companies with ideal candidates that adopt company cultures, are committed to performance and guarantee low attrition rates.

Elidel works with customers across industries and revenue sizes to support their growth through staff augmentation or through our strategically located offshore service centers. Elidel’s Offshore Outsourcing solutions allow clients at all growth stages to develop customer service, IT, marketing and sales operations manned by seasoned resources, and orchestrated by our expert customer experience team.

Elidel Prestige USA is a solid growth partner to job seekers looking to align their talents with the right employer, and to customers looking to scale through our affordable, flexible, unique business development solutions.

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