Offshore Outsourcing Solutions

Expand your service footprint through our affordable, flexible, unique business development solutions

customer service center

Customer Service

  • Traditional Customer Service and Quality Assurance Operations

  • Business Intelligence (Search, Data Gathering, Databases and Surveys)

  • Customer Support (General to Specialized)


  • Sales Activation and Promotion

  • Channel Management

  • Telesales

lady using a laptop
team working on strategy


  • Comprehensive Digital Marketing

  • Business Intelligence (Research, Databases and Surveys)

  • Branding

  • Promotional and Loyalty Program Design and Execution

Finance & Accounting

  • Traditional Accounting and Bookkeeping

  • Payroll Management and Processing

  • Project Accounting and Audits

  • Pricing and Cost Structure Consulting

  • Payment Processing, Accounts and Receivables

  • M&A Solutions, Corporate Restructuring, Asset Management

software developer working

IT & Software Operations

  • Marketing & CRM Software/App Development

  • Payroll Management Software Development

Elidel Prestige USA can customize offshore operations and software development aligned with specific customer needs, whether these are to expand a specialized sales operation, provide traditional customer management, billing and financial operations, tech support or IT service development.

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